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PoliceCat: Moral Dilemma

Moral Dilemma


You know those situations where you have to do something but then when you go to do it you realize that it might be kinda awkward to do it in the present company so you get all in your head about wheter or not it's a weird or inappropriate thing to do but eventually you do it and then you just spend the rest of the day worrying about if someone thinks you were a jerk and trying to figure out how awkward it actually was? Yeah.



Justin was a much more believable bum.

— Sasha · Apr 2, 04:00 PM · #

I will say this though…you sure got the dumpster diving down. Great sketch!

— stabby mcgee · Apr 2, 04:16 PM · #

i love it when fernie is creepy.

Lindsay · Apr 2, 04:16 PM · #

You gotta get the full legs in the air dumpster diving there, you meth bum.

— Jeff · Apr 3, 05:42 AM · #

this video made me really sad…

— DrewDM · Apr 9, 02:27 PM · #

fernie, you suck at being homeless and dumpstery. put some dirt on your face. or better yet, grow some damn facial hair!

Hieronymous Dillhole · May 3, 11:50 AM · #


Yo La Tengo

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