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PoliceCat: Dinosaur!



Flashback: PoliceCat '04. Ok, there are a number of things to explain about this sketch. First, it is the last from the "old sketches to put up while Berg's computer is in the shop" series. Secondly, it was filmed about 2 weeks after moving to Los Angeles in 2004, and so we had no furniture. Thirdly, it was conceived of and "written" by Matt Carey. He was also in charge of wardrobe. What we're trying to say is just watch this sketch with a WHOLE lot of suspension of disbelief. And never trust anyone when they say "I'll handle the costume."



The green legs is what does it for me.

— SteadyCam · Jul 2, 09:37 AM · #

Really? Hairy green legs do it for you? Did you have some weird interaction with the Grinch when you were a kid?

Fernie · Jul 2, 01:16 PM · #

OKAY! I’ll fix your computer. Now go buy some furniture.

— Steve Jobs · Jul 2, 05:39 PM · #

And fix that hole in your wall!

Me and the Grinch had a thing…nothing major. It’s all cool now.

— SteadyCam · Jul 3, 11:07 AM · #


— Steph · Jul 6, 04:51 PM · #

it isnt playing! this is the best one, please fix.

— heylo · Oct 20, 07:09 PM · #
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