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PoliceCat: Blind Faith

Blind Faith


Believe it or not, this skit actually happened to us on Hollywood Boulevard a few years ago. Let this serve as a warning to all those blind folks out there: PoliceCat makes for a poor seeing eye dog.



What! And you just left the guy in front of a busy truck yard?

— H Keller · Aug 6, 06:26 AM · #

Berg’s sketch descriptions paints us as far more despicable people than we are. We got that guy to his destination. Also, in real life, it was a large family, not a Todd, that he walked into. You’re seeing how movie magic is made, folks!

Fernie · Aug 6, 08:06 AM · #

Policecat is changing my whole outlook on Monday mornings.

— kelli · Aug 6, 08:10 AM · #

Fernie’s candy-coating things just a bit. In real life, Fernie punched the blind guy and took his wallet, just moments after we walked the blind guy into a family of five.

Berg · Aug 6, 09:01 AM · #

They’re both right. I did get to my destination, but Fernie then punched me. And thanks again to Berg for helping me write this comment. My penis is tiny.

— Blindguy · Aug 6, 06:05 PM · #

You know, the inside of Fernie’s head sounds an awful lot like an echo-y bathroom… guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

— Oprah · Aug 9, 08:46 AM · #

Also, I realized that i accidentally used the wrong email address when i filled out that last comment. my bad.

— Oprah · Aug 10, 03:26 PM · #
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