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PoliceCat: Back From The Dead

Back From The Dead

Posted Fri Jan 18, 03:46 PM by Alex Fernie

Hey, remember when we had a new sketch every week? Those days were great!

And then the Final Cut gremlins had to come and fuck everything up.

Well, now we’re finally back online and ready to get some new stuff up for you. Fear not. Now that the ultra-high tech (as of 2003) PoliceCat editing bay is back online, we can give you the brand new sketch comedy that you’ve been craving.

As a wise man once said, “All eyes on me.” PoliceCat will be back at ya in the next week or so, with brand new videos and some pretty cool stuff. Do you like Cheetos? Well, apparently, we do!

In the mean time, check out . It’s a brand new hub of comedy videos from the minds of Upright Citizens Brigade.

We love you,



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