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PoliceCat: links

Based on how we behave in public, you might not expect PoliceCat to have friends, but we do. They’re a phenomenal bunch, and they should be your friends, too. So once you’re done here, go check ‘em out.

Upright Citizens Brigade LA
The West coast branch of the New York improv mecca.
Upright Citizens Brigade’s online video site. See videos from some of UCB’s funniest minds.
IO West
The West coast branch of the Chicago improv mecca. Notice a trend?

Yoga Action Squad
Using ancient teachings to save the modern world has never been so sassy. All in webisode form.
Commedia Dell’Farte
The rantings and ravings of an absurdist sacastic, in blog form.
The Coming
LA’s comedy scene, distilled into blog form.
A blog about funny women and things that women find funny.
What do you get when you combine Pitchfork Media, the LA comedy community and The View? This podcast!
Casey And June
Two brilliant women, one brilliant comedic force.
Human Giant
Really. Awesome. Sketch comedy.
Lipz Service
One part chilled vodka, one part celebrity trash talking. All-American fun.
All New Year
Our pal Opus Moreschi engages in an assault on tedium and routine, one day a time.
Berg’s very own text-based humor site.
The trials and travails of a high school debate team. Except it’s funny instead of awkward and hormonal.
Ask A Ninja
World famous advice from a ninja. It’s like Dear Abby, only awesome instead of way lame.
For Science!
A comedy podcast like nothing you’ve seen before… Unless you’ve seen this before.
M.I.L.F. Tracker
A comedic take on the pop culture pheomenon that’s sweeping the internet.
To The Maxxx
Our good friend and all around renaissance man Max G’s blog. Please always refer to him as Max G.
Delightful sketch comedy by some friends of ours from the LA comedy community. Comedunity. Whatever. Check it out.

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