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PoliceCat: About

About PoliceCat

PoliceCat is sketch comedy and it is on the internet.

PoliceCat began in 2003 with Alex Fernie and Alex Berg, two Vassar College students with a camcorder, a pirated copy of Final Cut and a light class load. After leaving school and heading West, PoliceCat settled in Hollywood where they have been performing live since 2004. PoliceCat shows combine traditional sketches, monologues, video and anything else that works.

In late 2006, PoliceCat began work on the very website you’re visiting, All sketches are written, filmed and edited by PoliceCat for the site and the regular stage shows. Thanks to an affiliation to both IOWest and Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in LA, this two man organization is able to tap into all sorts of talented folks in order to make the content on this site, and are damned lucky for it.

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Alex Fernie

Alex Fernie was born in New Hampshire and has lived in all of the following places: Rhode Island, Georgia, New York and California. He started performing improv in high school and continued into college and beyond. He graduated from Vassar College in 2004 and can be seen playing at Upright Citizens Brigade LA every Thursday with his three man improv group Convoy every Thursday and every Saturday with Sentimental Lady . In addition to PoliceCat, he is one of the creators of the rapid-fire sketch show, 30 Sketches in 30 Minutes. He’s appeared on Comedy Central’s Reno 911!, Terriers on FX, Jimmy Kimmel Live and national commercials. He also co-created and starred in Most Deadliest Show, a pilot for Comedy Central.

He is represented by Principato-Young Management.

He can be contacted by clicking here..

Alex Berg

Alex Berg, man of science, was born and raised in Connecticut. In this woodsy clime he cultivated a love for nonsense of all sorts, which inspired his parents to ship him off to Long Lake Camp For The Arts every summer. Here, he was introduced to the joys of improv, sketch comedy, and canoeing. With the noted exception of canoeing, he continued to refine his skills in these fields while at Vassar College (which, despite popular belief, is not just for girls anymore). Now he lives in LA, and performs regularly with his three man group Convoy and the house team Sentimental Lady at UCB LA (and yes, that was just cut and pasted from Fernie’s bio). He also is the sole creative force behind Microanalysis, a nonsensical and non-sequitur humor blog that you should read.

He can be contacted at by clicking here.

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